Monday, September 28, 2009

Perfect Love

Perfect Love

Gauge your life to keep sensitivity; some go no more than 2 weeks of real tenderness.

John 17 love is perfect, we have boldness in the day of judgment. Love made perfect causes us to have confidence even in judgment. There is no fear in love, we love Him bc he first loved us. If we say we love him but hate our brother we are a liar. Fear is the number one cause in destruction; he wants to corrupt the influence in our lives. Fear is involved with torment and punishment.

We must live from the place of love, we need to repel fear, and when we do we see the word with clarity. Stuff that deals with judgment, punishment, and dealing with cause the person with fear to draw back from God. Don’t mislabel attacks from the enemy as God dealing with that person. We allow Trojan Horses into our life. Don’t partner with the assault thinking it is God dealing with you when it is actually the devil attacking you.

If you say you love God then love others. We can not claim an invisible reality that is not made manifest in the natural realm. I have this place with God but it is not a real reality. The only things that are real reality are the ones that. God’s richest blessings are that of friends. Love those who can not pay you back. We do not know what we have until we work with others who can not pay us back. The greatest place of safety is the one who cost us the most. The front line is the safest place to be. We need to have a desire to live out God in our lives. We need to learn to soak in His presence, we need to get things done but we also need to rest in His presence.

We must learn to let doing nothing be the place of our strength. Just sit down and purposely rest in God’s presence and let God pour out His love on us. We need to be awakened with every living cell soaked in His love. Increasing spiritual activity does not increase anything but the striving, do not live in response to the devil or you are being imprinted with his activity. Resting in His love is the most powerful thing you can do in this life. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Learn to live in the conscience of God’s love for us.

When you dial things down in a time of conflict can make things worse but you need God time, your quite time needs to be God time. Quite time rebuilds our storehouse for God, there is no fear in love.

We were created and fashioned to be at out strongest point when we say yes to God not when we are lining in reaction to the devil. The devil wants us to be always aware of him bc it keeps us distracted from God. He knows he can not beat us but influences us to beat ourselves. We are not to be ignorant of spiritual warfare. Do not be in response to Satan but to God.

The incorrect view of spiritual warfare causes us to war in effort. We war in rest bc rest is in faith. Do not spend so much energy living in reaction to the devil rather than in response to God. Do not lose sight of the love of God, it should be the supreme control in our life.

We have a table set before us, intimacy is the key to warfare. We set in the presence of evil while we enjoy what is on the table. Is 42 we give him praise, then God aroused himself as a man of war who thrashes the devil. Real warfare is intimacy with God