Thursday, December 3, 2009


Most of what we need in life will be brought to us but what we want we have to go get.

We need to know the seasons in our life, this is wisdom. There are seasons to rest and one to grow and go. Many of us want to coast through life riding on someone elses coat tail. We want them to make a way for us so that we do not have to. It is fortunate yet un fortunate for us that what we express in our lives on earth is reflected in heaven as a staple school of thought.
We want God to do something for us but we do not want Him to involve others in it. We want Him and Him alone.
Just you and me God.
With God I do not need anyone else.
He will meet all my needs.
He will see me through.
He is all I need.
I remember a time in my life when I lived like this, this was me. I was fustrated with God because I fealt like He was giving me the short end of the stick. I was not getting what I wanted and I was seeing others getting things that I was asking for and fealt I needed.

Think On This:
He places us in positions to rejoice with those who rejoice and morn with those who morn because it is in those times that we can appriciate what others have, are recieving, and what they are going through. Connecting with humanity and placing others ahead of you is what the Kingdom of God is all about.

Many times you will get your breakthrough while rejoicing or mourning with someone else in thiers. Everything in the Kingdom of God hinges off of relationships which in biblical terms is LOVE...
It is interesting how many times we want this or that and do not get it but the person across the hall, across the street, across the pew or across town does get what you want. Many times we get fustrated because they got what we wanted and what we thought we deserved but they didn't. Ha. We say we love God yet we hate our neighbor (hate - treat as less than or to treat with contempt) yet we say we love God?

The Realm of the Kingdom of Heaven always produces manifestations of itself as it connects with the realm of the kingdom of earth. This is what the bible calls signs and wonders, heaven causes us to wonder about the signs and impressions that it leaves on earth as it connects with it thus it's intention is to awaken us to its reality and lead us to the creater and owner of that Kingdom.

Lab Exsperiment:
Think of what you want and find someone else who wants or needs that then begin to help them get what they want or need and watch what happens.