Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We Create Our Tommorows Today

This is a decree that I am going to begin to release over my life and the lives of those I have influence over. It is found in Isaiah 49 from the NIV.
Verse 1
Listen to me, you islands; hear this, you distant nations: Before I was born the Lord called me; from my birth he has made mention of my name.

I can identify with the feeling of being an island, all by myself, disconnected from things around me, islands in fiction seem to be the ultimate get away paradise but in real life they can cause you to go crazy as well as limiting you from all kinds of opportunities, resources and basic needs. I am thinking of the Tom Hanks movie when he was stranded on an island and his friend was a ball whom he named. He talked to this ball the whole movie then when he lost the ball in his effort to break free form the island he was deeply saddened.

Distant nations seems to hit right at home with me as well. As I was in Brazil for the first time I was so cut off because of language barriers as well as difference in culture. However, all the environments around me were teaming with life. It is difficult to be in the middle of life but to not feel a part of or be connected with that life. It is almost like you are alive but living in a glass box. Most of my life has been lived like this. In the town,, state and country I was born into you would think I would feel right at home but I did not. Most of my life I felt like a distant nation in a foreign land while living in the only land I knew.

Lord Called Me & Know Me

What a turmoil to live in but the Lord called me before I was born and at my birth He made mention of my name. To know that the creator of the universe knows my name floods my soul with hope and confidence. If He knows my name then He knows me, my likes, needs, wants, hopes and dreams but even more than that He knows what He has planed for me and what He has called me to do in His universe. He has His eye on me and knowing that He plans only good for me carries more value and weight in my life than that of feeling like an island and distant nation. God through Jesus provided a way for me to come home. Jesus was ship that rescued me at sea, He was the plane that flew me back home, He rescued that stranded island and He was the one who unlocked the glass box so I could begin to function in the world around me and connect with it as it connected with me.

Verse 2
He made my mouth like a sharpened sword. in the shadow of his hand he hid me: he made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver.

Sharpened Sword

God has called me to be somebody and to do something so he has equiped me with tools. One of them is a sharpened sword in my mouth. Everything that comes out of my mouth is a direct reflection of the condition of my heart and since Jesus lives in my heart and I am therefore motivated by His desires, thoughts and ambitions. I have the ability to release God from the inside of me so others can exsperience Him too. As He casued none of Samules words to fall to the ground I ask the same thing in my life.
Shadow of His Hand

I have been in God's hand and I am ever before Him. He knows my every move and thought before I do them or think them. Is 49:16 states that we are ever before God and He has me engraved on the palm of His hand. As I look at my hands I see thousands of small lines and cracks which make up my fingerprints, these uniquley tell the story of who I am and where I come from. Gods hands are so big that His creation makes up the fingerprints of His very being, thus telling the story of creation. Why would he hide me in the shadow of His hand? He was not ashamed of me. I feel it was for a season where He privately was shaping and molding me into the person He had called me to be back before my birth and that was part of what He was mentioning at my birth.


It is interesting that this peice of metal is not tarnished, rusted or wharped, it is polished. I have in my mind a piece of metal that a skilled craftsman has been grinding, shaping, sharpening then polishing. I can visualize this craftsman quietly sitting at his work area away from the hussle and bussle of everyday life. He removes the arrow from the grinding wheel and polishing brush in order to inspect it and as he twist and turns the polished arrow lookinf at it from all sides you can see the reflection of the craftsman in the craftsman creation. As we pull arrows from our quiver and load into our bow we should inspect them know ing that as we do we will see our own refection in what we are about to do, this mirror relection from the polished arrow should case us to take greater care of where we aim. It is interesting that in Ephesians 6: the enemy dips his arrows in thick molten fire that globs on the end of it before he shoots them. Why does he do this? Is it not enought to shoot someone with an arrow? I believe this protects him from seeing his own relfection of who he was created to be by the master craftsman. He does this because if he saw his current reflection of who he is versus who he was created to be it would further remind him of who deep the rebellion in his heart is, as well as how seperated from God he is. Since there is no room for repentance the angy heart rages even more as he stives to stay clear from the reflection of God who he was created to be like. He does this by attacking the very thing that creates the reflection. It would be like God being the creator of glass of any sort, we rebell agaist and detest the very substance of glass because in its relfection we see our creator which is a reminder of what we rebelled against so in order to not look into any glass of any kind we break everything we can get out hands on, just to avoid seeing our own relfection.


The arrows that we draw from the quiver of our heart should be shot in the direction and with the entention of the creating craftsman. His work should be reflected in every thing we say and do. Arrows were used in battle throughout histroy to be released from the bow and effect the target it was aimed at, people were saved and others killed by arrows. In todays launguage the practicality of arrows still apply. In Jerimiah 9:8 it states that thier tongue is like a deadly arrow, it speaks with deciet. With his mouth he speaks nice to his neighbor but in his heart he sets a trap for him. Our voice is the bow that releases the arrow which is our words which in turn carries with it life or death to were it is aimed. In Ephesians 6: it states that our shield of faith quenches all the firely darts or arrows that the evil one shoots at us.
I am your servant so display your splendor through so that I can bring glory to the Father through Jesus name.
I have chased after other things, things that do not fill me up with life. I have wasted my strength in vain so in the heart of repentance I recieve from the Lords hand. I recieve my rewards from you Father

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I have been soaking in something that God is breathing into my spirit lately. There are two seasons that we as believers function in.

Season of Hibernation
In this season we are active in a state of rest. Not much is going on in our lives. We may not feel very productive or benifical to those around us but do not under estimate this season.
Example:Plants grow the most during the winter. Why? During the winter all the energy of the plant is underground establishing deep root systems. With out this season of growth the plant will not be able to sustain during the active growing season of blooming.
When we do not allow for seasons of Rest to come to our lives we shorten the depth of the root systems that God is trying to develope in us so that we are truely strong, even in storms. It has been my exspierience that in this season God births things in you that you can not recieve any other way. You can not work for it, earn it, nor do you deserve it but through Jesus you get it by Resting in Him.

Season of Blooming
During this season we are active in growth, we are doing things and producing a lot of fruit. Scripture says that the faith is forceful and the violent take it by force. Our faith in action is violent b/c when we use it, it by nature pulls down darkness and destroys strongholds on peoples lives. In order for someone to get a breakthrough of any kind they are getting broken free from something. How do you get a breakthough with out getting broken free? The very thought of you needing a breakthrough suggest you are in bondage thus needing help. The violent part of this is not a bloody battle but it is that through the blood of Jesus shed for us over 2000 years ago we can stand in the authority of Jesus and command that strongholds be broken and captive be released thus satan has to submitt to our commandment of authority bc it lines up with the will, purpose, and plan of God in His Kingdom.

We need both of these seasons in our lives. There is a time to grown and go then there is a time to sit quietly and recieve. I was asking myself the other day what the difference between complacency and rest was and this is what God showed me.

When you are in a time of rest it will feel like you are being complacent but do not be decieved into thinking that you are. The way you can tell the difference is that when you are in a time of REST I will be speaking something into you and when you are in a time of complacency I will not. If you are being complacent then you will be setting around in the name of REST but you will not find me in anything that you are doing. Complacency has no productivity to it but REST does!

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