Sunday, May 2, 2010

Do You Have Squatters?

The are of our land, the place we live and dwell is not an accident. I believe God has placed each of us in the place we are in order to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. For me Abilene and Brazil is my territory, it is the place I have been called to take possesion of and to have dominon over. I am called to bring God's Kingdom in these areas. However, I am not the only one with plans for this land and this is were the problem starts.

God has had me asking myself lately if I have spiritual squatters in my life? Squatting is the oldest mode of tenure in the world and we are all descendands of squatting. The book I am reading is called Portals to Cleansing by Dr. Henry Malone. In its simplicity squatting is defined as by in two forms:
1. a person who settles on land or occupies property without title, right, or payment of rent.
2. a person who settles on land under goverment regulation, in order to acquire title.

We are called to have dominion over the land or our territory. By us not seeing a value in land we miss the value of what sits ontop of the land therefore we miss the reason things function the way they do. I have been asking myself where has the devil and his evil prescence moved into my area of influence, land and territory at? He is trying to earn possesion of something he does not have right too and I have allowed him to have access to areas of my life.

The thing about squatting is that the longer someone stays on the land, property or building the better the chances are that they will assume ownership of it. Think of it this way. If you were active in the ownership of something you would not allow someone else to move in and live there would you? For the fact that we are not involved in the ownership of our land, possesions, body, family, house, church, city, state and country we therefore are allowing a squatter to come in with the intention of aquiring ownership.