Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rest is the Key to Restoration and Rejuvination

As I have been in a long season of rest I am begining to see the cocoon open. I know that I will soon fly like I was created to. I see that I was not created to be a catapillar who slowly trudges through life never seemingly getting anywhere all the while dodgeing this person or situation while tryign not to be stepped on.
I have spent so much time and energy out of my life trying to not be truely conected with people because I did not what to be vulnerable or intaminate with them. Deep down I knew this would cause me to get hurt or worse yet. They would see the real me. As I over the past two years have been removing fig leaves in front of several people as well as God I am learning that I am very comfortable being open, honest, vulnerable, and intimate with others. I find that the walls I used to hide behind are now gone and there is a larger space in my heart in which I am able to connect with God and His people.
This revelation has brought much freedom to my life and helps live in rest in so many areas of my life. Everything has everything to do with EVERYTHING.
I have learned what I am not called to do as well as what I am called to do. Knowing what I am good at, gifted at, passionate at and anointed to do is the secret of learning to live in rest as well as minister in rest. For the first time in my life as I venture back out into ministry I am doing it out of a heart of rest not one of performance. The ministry that God has placed in my heart flows so well with what I am called to do.
It has been a long journey, one filled with pain, heartache and frustration but now I see joy, peace, rest, love and calmness like I have never experienced in my life.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am passonate about children being treated fairly, about families staying together, about humans not being abused. I am very passionate about people being healed from internal wounds and lies that they live under all the while thinking that there sin is what makes them so bad. It is really the wounds that they have that magnifies the sin in their lives. I am passionate about flying airplanes as well as connecting with the Holy Spirit.
God has put me in a season that consumes me with people being healed, delivered and set free. I realize that I do not have the answers to many problems but God does and it I can help people connect with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit then they will work out healing in the individual persons life.
What breaks my heart is to see people trapped in a life style of living and for them to feel like there is no hope and no way out.
I am uniquely called and equiped to lead people into an exsperience with the Holy Spirit that causes them to be set free, delivered, healed and made whole.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I would be the first to agree with you that change is good. Change opens up new opportunities for you that other wise would not have been noticed. Change gives you a fresh perspective on life as well as situations you may be facing.
However, change is difficult, uncomfortable, new, uncertain, and often times a little scary. It is funny how we like to get into our little groove of doing things and do not want to change. Many of us get to the point were we do not feel we need to change and if we stay there long enough we will begin to believe we do not ever need to change, it is others around us that need to change.
I do not ever want to get to a point like this and I know a handful of people who are like this. Lord, help me to embrace change, help me to run to new things not away from them. I invite new things, new perspective, new adventure, and new insight into my life even if the new things reveals to me that I was going a wrong direction.