Sunday, August 29, 2010


As I grow older I find myself measuring life by waht is, what could be and what used to be. As I think about joy I look back and think of how conditional it was. As long as things were going good there was joy, things are going my way, people approve of what I am doing and where I am going in life.
Now I see that joy is so not conditional. I can have joy while going through the worst year of business we have ever had, while things are tough in relationships that I value, while I not seeing happen in my life what I think should be happening with God. As I look at Joy I realize the key difference between then and now is that my relationship with God was based out of doing. Now it is based out of being. This causes me to rest in knowing that I do not have to be anything for God, I don't have to act right, do right, say the right things, follow certain commandments, fulfill certain expectations, all I have to do is be with Him and in Him and allow Him to do His work in me which causes me to have joy in all situations.
Are there times where I may be happier or have more joy than others? of coarse, but there is consistence and balance over all. The way I enter joy is to realize first of all that it is mine as a free gift no strings attached. I receive it and make it mine then desire to experience it and live it. As I taste it on different levels and in different situations it gets rooted deeper and deeper in my heart (not my head) how real this is.
I desire to grow in joy and see it become more of apart of me. I desire to see it overflow into even more areas of my life. I want to know more of God in the area of Joy.

Friday, August 6, 2010


When I look at the way my 7 year old acts it makes me laugh because many adults that I know act much the same way. We push the envelope in order to get what we think we want then when we get it we do not really want it. It is like we just wanted to see if we could get it or not.
There is in us a drive to push for more, we want more, we want to do more, see more, get more, have more and then there is the hard core want. We want to be more and do more with our life. Getting ahead in life is part of life and I will be the first to tell you that I love to advance in life but I also love to rest. I love to relax, I love to not have to perform and act certain ways in order to get certain things.
This is a lifestyle not a kick, I have been living in rest for over a year now and love it. I do not have days that my over active adrenalin rush keeps me going, or that I can not sleep at night because there is too much too do. I realize that I may not get as much done as someone else but I am good with that. I am able to rest and this makes me happier, redirects more energy towards important things like my family, helps me feel better, helps me see more around me, makes my physical body feel better and enhances my relationship with my Dad.