Sunday, September 19, 2010


The village we are in now has an internet connection so I thought I would take some time and blog my heart.
God is continueing to empty me of religious, legalistic rules, and perfrmance programs. He is filling me with a deeper understanding of His love and acceptance for me just as I am. There is such a peace and rest in my heart which overflows into my life.
You may be thinking, well if I was in Brazil I would be at rest too. What you dont understand is that after my last communication with my wife I do not even know if I will come back to a buisness that is still standing. We had major mechanical problems and have lost equipment because of it, we have had people leave the company and news ones be hired with no training because I am not there. We have clients that are upset and checks from clients that have bounced which causes our accounts to come up short. Our primary source of income seems to be falling apart but I am at peace and rest.
In times like these we realize what kind of relationship we truely have. Religious rules can not produce for you character, peace and rest in the middle of the valley of the shadow of death. He has provided for me a table in the presence of my dark situation and I am enjoying the meal of His peace and rest.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leaving A Legacy

I have always thought of leaving a legacy in the aspect of a will or last testament but realize it is much more than that. In everyday life we are creating things because this is what we were created to do. We all fortunately un -fortunately will spend out lives creating things then we will all die. What will be left behind? and for who?

My wife
I have created the feeling in her that she was loved for who she is and that there are no strings attached. She knows what it is life to be loved for who she is not what she can do for me. I have created a family that loves her and will help her. I have created a will that will pay off debts and her bills when I am gone. I have created children that will grown old with her when I am gone. I have created memories with her that will forever shape the direction of her life. I have created a business that could be sold or ran and this would bring in a pretty good living.

Salem & Raina
I have created a spot in her heart that is filled with love, she knows that she is valuable and worthy. I have taught her how to do things that will last a lifetime. I have helped give her identity. I have helped her know that she is provided for. I created in her a feeling of protection in her because she knows that with me she is safe. I have lead in into a personal relationship with the Trinity. She has learned to hear the Holy Spirit and respond to what He is saying to her. I have created in her a place that always makes room for other people and places value on them.

Korie & Larrah
I have created in them a feeling of being loved for who they are not for what they can do. They know that someone helped them and was on their side. They have both seen me change through God and this has created in them a first hand experience that God is in the business of changing lives. I have created in them a place were they will be proud to publicly say this was my dad and he was a great man.

Inner Circle
I have created in them the mark of transparency to where they know that life does not have to be filled with emotional games but truth and realness. I have an created an ability for them to connect with others more easily and allow them to connect with me and others as well.

I have created a before and after snapshot of how God can take a human life all jacked up and turn it around from the inside out.

I have created a difference in the kingdom of God because of the choices I have made and lives that have been touched and changed. Heaven looks different because of how I choose to live my life. Brazil is different because of choices I have made and sacrifices I was willing to make on behalf of humanity.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What do you do about that?

As i have thought about it this week i realize this is our response. How do I respond to things, situations, people and issues. Most of the determining factors of my life will come from the response of what I do in a given situation, Not the Situation Itself.
I always thought it was about what happens to you or what someone else did but the older I get the more I believe it is what I chose to do with life that determines what happens in my future. What I do about stuff is choose to rest first and foremost.
I do not get bent out of shape or fly off the handle. I want to hear the voice of my dad and what heaven is saying about it then do what I hear or see Him doing. If I don't hear anything then I go on with what I think is best and once I can do all that I can do it is no longer in my hands. If people get upset it is not my problem.
I must know in all circumstances that I have done all that I can do and once I can answer that then I can rest in knowing I have done all I can do.