Sunday, December 19, 2010


It is amazing that we are already at the end of another year. Time passes so quickly yet there is so much I want to do. One of the things that have been on my heart this past year is drawing closer to my family over the coarse of this coming year.
I find myself doing so many other things that are good yet at the root they pull me away from my family, they steal time away from my daughters, they drain my energy level to the point that during the late evening there is nothing left of me to give and most of all they separate me even further from tenderness with my wife. This seems to be a cycle that I have been in over the past years and it is time for me to get off the childlike merry go round.
I am not looking for a New Years Resolution. I am not looking for some quick change rapid fix thing in order to make me feel better about me being me. In times past I have made these resolutions simply because of two things. One, I was bored with my life and wanted to do something different and Two, everyone else around me was doing it.
I am looking for a way to be different, to act different and to produce different fruit in my life. In 2011 I will see results with my family being more connected but even more, my heart will be healed and changed in the area that it has been sick in.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Being Buisy

Since October we have been installing lighting on homes and buisnesses. My hours had slowly increased more and more then pecked at Thanksgiving. It seems that several of the important things to me have fallen behind and blogging is one of them. I Had my first saturday that I did not have to work all day and it fealt great.