Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fish and Pond

A great friend of mine were sitting down talking the other day and this thought came up. What would happen if we focused on three things in our lives, families, ministries and work environments. One Feed Others Fish This way others can have their needs meet, they can live and survive because they have food. Two Teach Others To Fish This way we are not only feeding them food but we are teaching them how to feed themselves and others with food. Three Fish From Your Own Pond This helps them learn to be responsible, they do not have to find someone to help them survive. They know how to budget money, manage finances and accept consequences.

Turning 40

I recently turned 40. I do not feel any older, do not act any older and I do not look any older in my opinion but something has changed. I am thinking differently at this stage of my life. I have been asking myself if I realize that if I live to be 80 then my life is now half over. I am living the second half of my life. What am I going to do with it? I know that mistakes are part of it and that I will continue to make them until the day I die but I desire to minimize the amount of life changing mistakes that have laced the first half of my life. A man of knowledge will learn from his mistakes but a man of wisdom will learn from someone else's mistakes and not make them. I want to be a man of wisdom not just knowledge. I will make the time I have on earth the best years of my life. The second half will be better than the first half. My later years will be better than my first. Thank God that I have a great wife, awesome business partner, wonderful kids and a vision for where I am going in these next 40 years. God is so good to me and I thank Him for all that He is in and through me.

One thing for Everyone

If there was one thing that I could do for everyone it would be to see them healed from the inside out spirit, soul and body. I see so many dysfunctions in people that are rooted in past wounds and lies. Most of us live lives of wearing mask and pretending that we are OK when we are not OK. We constantly lie to ourselves and to others telling ourselves that we are doing fine. Believers are the worst because they hide behind the cross as they pretend where as people of the world are jacked up and will sit down and tell you about it. As I writing this it is true, I want to see everyone healed up so they can live up to and out of the potential they were created to be but I also desire to see people have clean water. This might even be more important that the first desire because without clean water you have no need to have inner healing. Clean water is a necessity, being able to drink water that is not filled with bacteria, viruses, and germs is very important. Over one third of the world inhabitants suffer from unclean water. If you would like to partner with me in saving the world one drop at a time then go to

Fish Bowl or Fish

Recently I was asked if I was more like a fish or a fish bowl. I quickly answerd that. I am like a fish bowl. This reason I am not a fish is because a fish swims around wanted to be feed and cleaned but a fish bowl provides an environment for other fish to produce, grow and expand life. I am not a consumer as much as I am a producer. I desire to see other people advance, get promoted, have good things happen to them. I love to see people get their next breakthrough. I actually get more satisfaction out of seeing someone climb higher than I do when I climb higher. I am like a container and everything in my container protects and provides for so the things in my container can grown, thrive and live. A consumer is always looking for more, More for them More for their needs More for their problems More for their future More so that they can be happy More so that they will not have as many problems I think in terms of more but not in terms of how I can get more for me! I am always looking for a way to help someone have their dreams come true.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adjusting to Changes

If only life would stay the same. Then we would not have to worry about changing and checking over our current coarse. As I think about what life would look like if it were the same I begin to realize it would become dull and boreing.
Learning to be flexable but not flaky in an ever changing world is difficult, we have to allow ourselves the room to bend yet not be broken. Their is a constant need for us to go back and re visit our current plan and direction.
I have been going through a lot of changes lately and will blog about them as I am able to sort them out in my heart and mind.