Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who Do I Think I Am

I am a man who loves God and desires to see Him flow through me so that others can see that He is alive in the world around us.
I am a husband who loves my wife, we have a great connection together and deep understanding of each other because of what we have been through together. I love being her friend and raising our children with her as well as running our business together.
I am a father who loves his girls (all 5 of them) I love spending time with them and teaching them how to connect with God. I love watching them grown up and become woman of God who will love life, themselves, their husband, and one day their children.
I am a missionary who desires to see the jungle region of Brazil changed through living water and loving relationships.
I am a business man who enjoys being part of what God is doing through God's Care Lawnscapes. I love the relationships He brings us into and the jobs that we are able to do for His glory.
I am not a pastor, I am not a minister. I am a child of the Living God who has been birthed into a life of reconciliation and restoration. I desire to allow this to flow out of me and into everyone all the time everywhere I go. It is not a calling it is a life. It is not an anointing it is the nature of God on the inside of me desiring to change the world around me through me.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thermometer vs Thermostat

Am I like a thermometer? I would say no. I do have a temperature reading that others around me can read but I do not gauge my life based off of things around me, for instance. Many people in a spiritual movement will feel affirmed when they see God do something in some ones life through them. This is a form of reacting to something not because of something. Thermometers only tell the current temperature of the environment and that is it. They are constantly changing based on environmental circumstances. Am I like a Thermostat? Yes, I try to live like a thermostat. I try to set the standard for what happens around me. If I see that something needs to be done then I will go do it. I do not wait on someone else to step up to get it done. A thermostat will set the tone for the feeling of an environment like your house. I desire to set the temperature for the environment for all those that come in, around or near my house.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Get Naked

A theme in my life for the past years has been relationships. Anyone who knows me knows this about me. I desire to be open, honest, transparent and vulnerable in all my relationships. In the beginning of this adventure God showed me that in the Garden of Eden Adam was hiding behind some shrubs or fig leaves trying to cover himself so that he would not be seen for who he was. He was a lire, a fake, a want to be man who was insecure, uncertain and untrustworthy. I realized quickly, hey that is me! I could easily be Adam. I lie and blame others for my faults and mistakes. I tell people that everything is OK with me when things are not OK with me. I hide from God and others because I am insecure and do not want them to see me who I really am. I will go out of my way to cover myself up so that no one will get close enough to me, because if they got close enough to me that may see me for who I really am and then they could reject me. What happened next in the story shook me to my core. God spoke to Adam to come out and show Him his nakedness. God was asking Adam to choose to step out into openness, honesty and vulnerability. God was not judging him, He was not accusing him and speaking harshly to him. God was trying to bring restoration and healing to him. Couldn't God just zap him and fix the problem? Yes He could but, God needed for Adam to own up to who he was so that God could transform him into who He is. The way we get transformed is through being vulnerable in our relationships and this causes tension. Most of us run from tension. We view tension as enemy number one. Tension as I have learned can be and most often is very beneficial if we allow it to do what it is designed to do. When you are vulnerable then this creates tension in the relationship, when tension is present then you are forced to make choices based out of love and trust not connivance and comfort. Many of us never cross the line of dysfunction into wholeness because of tension. When things get hard and tension is present we bolt for the door. This is what Adam did. We see in the story God speaking to Adam and looking for Adam to accept responsibility for what he had done. Tension was surrounding them, I imagine it was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. What was Adam going to do? Would he choose to be restored and healed or continue in the twisted darkness of his dysfunction?

Parking Spaces

As I have been thinking about this topic for the past week I continue to think of the times that I go to the store. I am the kind of guy who parks in his on space. I like to park between the lines of the parking space. I am not the kind of guy who circles the parking lot like a vulture waiting for his next meal to be hit by a car so he can eat. I drive down one isle and park, if for some reason there is no place to park then I will turn and go down the next isle but on that one I will park even if it is at the far end of the parking lot. Time for me is to valuable, I do not have the time to spend driving up and down the isle of the parking lot looking for that perfect front and center parking spot. There are rare times when it happens to me and I do enjoy the short walk to the entrance of the store but it is not sweet enough to pursue it like the final goal that will win the game with 1 minute left. I am not the kind of guy who parks in the handicap spot thinking that I am just going to be in there for a minute or maybe I will limp as I exit the car going into the building. It is wrong and I do not do it. The last time I did it was years back and as I was coming out of the building there was an old, old, old man walking from 20 spots back because I was parked in the handicap spot. I was so ashamed that I kept walking past my car as not to be seen by him as he passed me by. My final thought was that he parked down at the end because he wanted the excersise so I walked down to where his car was and sure enough it had a label on the plates and rear view mirror. As I walked back to my care I told myself that will never happen again. I see parking lines in a parking lot as boundaries for life. If you ignore them you can get hurt, hurt others and greatly complicate life for others. Mind your own business, park in your own spot and life will go better.