Sunday, June 26, 2011


Through my life I have had five hero's.
Growing up my Hero was Evil Knievel. I dressed like him, tried to jump like him and pretended to be like him. I lived for the impossible and wanted it even if I got hurt doing it.
As a teenager I wanted to be like Jeff Beliesle who was an incredible Master Chef. I worked for him and did most of my training under him or under people he placed me under in order to learn a certain type of food.
In my late teenage years I wanted to be like Al Capone. I wanted the life of ease, I wanted to give orders for people to go there and come here, I wanted the nice things of life and it did not matter who I hurt or how I got them.
In my late 20's I wanted to be like Jesus. He is currently still my primary Hero. He is the only Hero who has never let me down or lead me astray.
I also have another hero and his name is Bill Johnson. I love how this man has God flowing through him and many people get healed, delivered and set free through his desire to live like Jesus lived. I also love how his ministry is about raising up and empowering others to live and experience what Jesus said we would and could do.