Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Color Are You Mixing

I remember early on in my marriage the day we bought our first house. I was so excited to assume control  of the manly part of the remodel which was not knocking down walls, but painting. This was not because I could not be trusted with a saw, hammer and nails but because the house was structurally sound. It was in perfect  shape, but we wanted to make it ours so we bought paint, more paint and even more paint. If I recall correctly paint provoked the first real disagreement that my wife and I had! I ended up painting and caulking for the next 100 hours and she ended up with a purple dinning room!

I remind you that we were early in our marriage and had no money and we were buying our first house? Yea, what were we thinking? As I said before,  we were young, maybe even senseless, never the less we were homeowners! Our first keys, our first house, our first real disagreement under out belt. I was ready for anything except what followed next.

Our bright idea was that we would go to a store (starts with a W and ends with T) and purchase the most inexpensive (not cheap, because that sounds cheap) but the most inexpensive paint we could find. It is amazing how good the store makes you feel about buying cheap paint. Your process begins by choosing from one of the million colors they have next you get to see them look your color up on the computer and find it then mix it and shake and then the final step is when they open it up and put a dab of your color on the top of the lid. They make you feel so good about paying for your deal of the century that you for get that you are holding the cheapest, thinnest, non reproducible color paint can known to man.

Call it what you want it was still cheap paint. I remember pouring it out of the bucket into the paint pan and it looked like 2% milk but I was proud because I saved money and I was young and did I mention senseless. There is an unseen motivation that stirs inside of us much like the can of paint that is the clamped into the  machine that shakes it. We constantly are selecting the colors of fear or love and mixing them into different projects that we do. Many times we do not like the project we just finished because the color was not correct. Fear always produces something that is off, it feels not right, it looks strange and many times awful. I had a room like this in our home.

It was in the master bed room. We selected a bright blue color to lighten the darker walls. I applied one, two and three coasts of my prized paint and after drying for a day I was pleased when the lights were on but if you raised open the mini blinds to allow natural sunlight to come in you could see the dark color everywhere under the bright blue paint. I was mad, frustrated, ashamed, and a little deflated yet hopeful knowing the more paint would fix it. So I marched back to my Wal-Mart and selected my color, my paint and watched him mix it then rushed home to pour my milky looking paint into the pan and then roll it onto the wall.

Problem solved, oh what a proud home owner I was. I was ready for my husband of the year award. My wife walked into the room and turned on the light, she was so pleased. I had done it, and by this time I was thinking of starting my own painting company. Several weeks later we had moved all our furniture into our room and opened the mini blinds. I could not believe what I saw! There were off blue patches over light blue patches everywhere. When I rolled the second color it was not mixed like the first color so now we had a two color blue room and one deflated homeowner.

Painting rooms out of fear is like this in our lives. Fear never gives us the outcome that we desire. It will look good at first and even feel good but it will not have longevity. It will reveal that you tried to cover something darker up, it will peel and flake over time. It will never be a prized room that you can invite people into while there is natural son light shining in it because the Son does one thing. Reveals the motives of our heart through the things we say and do.

Not to harm us, belittle us, condemn us, or judge us but to love us. For us to realize that we are loved and accepted just as we are with no strings attached. This is what a room of love looks like. 

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