Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Foot Steps 2

The following morning after the dream / vision that I had (if you have not read Foot Steps then go back and do this before you read any further) I began to see and feel the following. When I mean when I say see and feel what I am really try to say is that I am having and inward experiences which is so profound that it brings with it a form of reality even thought I am not sure it is happening but yet at the same time I am sure it is happening because I am experiencing it. I don not have any other language to articulate what I am feeling and seeing on the inside of me.

I was back looking down the hall from about ceiling height and could not hear foot steps any longer. But I could hear a different sound now which I had never heard in that place. Every minute or two I could hear a door open then shut, open then shut then it would stop. The feeling that I am having is that I was testing out what Father God had said to me when I saw Him open the door:
Did He really leave the door unlocked?
Why did He leave the door unlocked?
Am I suppose to leave it shut, half way shut or open it all the way?
The only thing that I was fully aware of is that the door would not lock back because I did not have the key to make it happen. So here I was playing with the door opening and shutting it trying to decided what position of openness I wanted the door to be in. There was another noises in the distance that I could here.
As I looked around to see where the noise came from I saw a little head poke out of one of the rooms. The little head looked to the left and then to the right the disappeared back into the room. A moment later it peaked out again and stayed a little longer looking to the left and to the right then he made a sound. The little boy says pssst, psst, psst, he looked to the left then to the right he was seeing if anyone could hear him. Was anyone else there? Then another little head from down the hall answered him. Yes, I am here. What's your name? These two boys began to talk back and forth down the hall from each other.
After some time of talking one of the boys did the unthinkable. He slowly left his room and entered into the hall and made his way down to his new friend. They sat in the hall and talked and laughed and talked and laughed then they noticed that other little heads were peaking out of their doors.
Over a period of hours I saw children running and laughing and playing with each other in the hall and in each others rooms. Almost all the doors to the rooms were opened except one or two. Then I began to feel love, life, fun and connection in this hall. The activity of these children playing with each other was energetic and powerful.

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