Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Foot Steps

Last night my best friend and I were after an experience with Father God so we did a prophetic exercise. We closed our eyes and invited Father God to walk through our life then within about one minute here is what happened.
I began to see this long hall that had doors after doors lined on the left and right hand side of the hall. Behind each door of coarse was a small room. In each of these rooms was trapped a memory, the memory looked like a two or three picture frame photos that you might have on your bed side table. These pictures communicated the feeling of being at home but it was obviously not home.
The place we were in was like a mental hospital / orphanage. The walls were all white, the ceilings were all white, the floors were white tile like that old commercial hard tile that you see in old industrial buildings. I could see no end to the hall but was really overwhelmed at the thought of how many doors there were. The insides of the rooms were solid white and had one small window that was up higher on the wall somewhere around 6 feet or so. The window was probably 12" tall by 24" wide. It let light into the room which showed how clean and white the room was.
The first thing I heard as I was seeing all of this is foot steps. Big strong foot steps that were evenly paced so you could tell who ever it was, was not in a hurry, they were not mad nor did they scoot their feet. Each step was clearly and firmly planted on the floor one after the other, the steps where very intentional. These foot steps would walk for a minute then stop for a minute, walk for a minute then stop for a minute. Over and over this continued to happen.
I knew inside that the sound of these footsteps were made by Father God, Dad, or a strong, confident, loving father figure, I don't know how I knew this but I did. I begin to wonder.
What He was doing?
Why did he keep stopping then starting?
Why could I not hear anyone talking, only the sound of the footsteps?
Then I saw Him opening a door ajar just a little bit and with one hand on the door knob and one hand on the door jam of the wall He leaned His head into the room saying in a soft deep, clam voice:
I am here
Everything is Ok
You are not alone
You can come out if you like
Then, He smiled and pulled the door to but did not totally shut and lock the door back like it was before. It was as if He was saying you are free to come out of your room if you like, but if you want to stay in your room you are free to do that as well. He then said that there was a sign out log in the lobby and I could use it if I wanted to. The way that He shut the door gave me an overwhelming feeling of freedom and love. He was letting me know that he accepts me, all of me just like I am right where I am and He loves me regardless of what I choose.
In this dream / vision I did not feel fear, insecurity, judgement, or sadness. The only thing I felt was the freedom of being loved right where I was. All of the parts of me felt accepted just as I was.
When I refer to all of the parts of me, I mean that I had the feeling that all these individual rooms were individual memories which had their own form of personality locked away with in with no visitors.
What a sad way to live life but from what Father God spoke to us it did not have to stay this way.

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