Monday, March 11, 2013

Cave Man to Connected Man

Most of us as believers want the reality of Heaven to touch our lives. Think of it like this, if you were sick with cancer you would want the reality of the fact that God is never sick to become your reality. This could unfold into many areas of our lives like finances, relationships, revelation and basically any other area of life you can think of.

The other day I was walking through the hardware store on the phone with Leonard and it came to me that most people want a connection with the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven, God, God's blessings, God's abilities and God's character. We want this reality because we are aware that we have needs, issues and circumstances that exceed the realm of what this world and out personal abilities can provide.

So on one hand we want the reality of the divine or supernatural power in our life but on the other hand most humans are aware that they are not in as good of shape as they think they are. Their life is not good regardless how much they smile, how nice they dress and how much they think positively or meditate. I am not just talking about physical shape but also mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and even circumstantial.

I can identify with having a need, want or desire for the power from above to make everything better and I can also can identify with the feeling of worthlessness and that my life is not worth being changed. Because of my childhood wounds, life tragedy and personal crisis due to personal choices I made and choices other people made for me I have lived most of my life disconnected from meaningful relationships.

What do you mean by that?
Here is a list of how disconnect wove a thread through the tapestry of my life.
  • groups of people
  • stressful situations
  • problems that I could not solve
  • group thinking or teamwork
  • family and next of kin
  • people who disagree with me
  • people who yell, scream, and have high drama
  • men as being friends
  • Woman in general other than that of a sex toy
  • task that were too hard for me to complete
  • fear of the unknown
  • fear of personal or public failure
I could go on and on but the reality of my life is that anything that I thought would cause me pain or make me feel insecure I disconnected from it quickly so that I could protect myself from being hurt any further. I did not trust people because that created the potential for me to get hurt. My life motto was "if you want it done right then do it yourself".

This looked really good on the outside because other people would complement me on how controlled I was and how they wished they could be this calm and controlled. The sad thing is that as I accepted their compliments they could not see that I was in a dark protective cave with only my eyes showing. I began to think that living disconnected from people, places and things was a normal way of life. It was all I knew and assumed I would never break free from this type of heart attitude.

My home was a dark cave with only one entrance and exit so that I could go in and not have to worry about anything behind me or on the sides of me. I honestly thought I was a smart man for living like this. I looked at people who got hurt by other people and thought to myself, "if they lived like me then that would not have happened to them". I also looked at other people and found it strange that they were happy, many of them did not have material possessions or great circumstances yet they were happy and complete.

People that were happy I thought were strange, I justified it by saying they all of them were just better at faking it than those of us that were unhappy. Then I added to it that at least we were being honest about our feelings. Ha

Micro to Macro

Luke 16:10
He who is faithful in the small things will be faithful in great things, he who is unfaithful in small things will be unfaithful in great things.

Root word breakdown
He who is faithful and persuaded by what he hears and knows in the smallest micro of things will be faithful and persuaded by what he hears and knows in the greatest of things.
He who is judgmental, controlling and condemning with others in the smallest micro of things will be judgmental, controlling and condemning with others in the greatest of things.

Theme of Visibility 
Going from small to great seems to be the theme which occurs two different times. I thought it would be benificial to look at both definitions for micro and macro.

any organism too small to be viewed by the unaided eye, as bacteria, protozoa, and some fungi and algae
any organism that can be seen with the naked eye 
So micro means so small that you can not see it, it would be to us as if it were not even there but macro things can be seen. How much of our life do we ignore the micro things and give attention only to the macro things?

Two world forces
The two most common created relevant things that connect our world in every way is relationships and possessions.
Possessions - are important because of the natural exchange of goods, services, foods and basic health needs which is a means of our survival.
Relationships - are important because they are the backbone of life, they are the way in which we get our needs meet by others and by God. Relationships are the way in which God reaches into the hearts and minds of His creation in order to identify and connect with.

Application of these forces
These two forces work together and if used in everyday life separately the individual will end up feeling disconnected and incomplete. This person will have a constant nagging awareness of feeling not whole and that something is missing but are unsure of what it is.
The person who lives in this cycle usually spends a lot of time trying to fill the emptiness in their life with people, events, latest technology, religion, education, intelligence, drugs, sexual experiences and other things in order to feel complete and whole.
The deceiving part of this is that the more you try to fill yourself in order to feel complete the more empty you become. Like a small insect trapped in a spiders web, this likewise is a very sticky tangled web to get free from and most people live their life struggling to get free from this web, some never succeed and die there.

Small things
We most often overlook the small things in life, we think they have no importance, but do they?
Unseen particles of air that we breath
Sound waves
Light waves
Energy waves
A penny
A first drink
A first kiss or touch
Microscopic roots which maintain life for a large tree or shrub.
Microscopic veins which transport blood and oxygen to the body 
Drop of poison
A single spark of fire 
One degree while in flight or on a ship 
Large things are made from and consist of small microscopic parts. Most of us pursue big things, we want final results, we want to arrive at a destination but don't want to take the journey.